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Welcome to Optimise That

Optimise That Ltd is an SEO Agency based in Coventry, United Kingdom. Search Engine Optimisation is a strategy that takes websites onto page one of Search Engines for whatever keywords they wish to rank for. It is the most effective form of marketing that is applicable to the overwhelming majority of businesses.

The difference between SEO and other forms of traditional marketing is that people are typing in phrases to find businesses like yours. Thus, you will get high conversions from the targeted traffic (provided the website is user-friendly). Not only that, it also works out to be a lot cheaper than other forms of advertising (with our strategy, at least).

Five Reasons to Work with Us!

Tailored Proposals

We tailor our proposals according to each particular project requirement, and the price you pay for your Search Engine Optimisation campaign is determined by the keywords you wish to rank for (i.e. the phrases people type in Search Engines to arrive onto your website). We do a free evaluation to determine the best possible keywords at the most effective solution.

Professionals At What We Do

Our portfolio speaks volumes, and shows you examples of some of the businesses we have strategically optimised to deliver them the best investment on their money. Our case studies show a thorough analysis of how much profit the companies make based on their initial and on-going investments.

Considerably cheaper than other SEO Companies

The inevitable objective of Search Engine Optimisation is to get a website onto Page One of Google. Many SEO companies leave it at that. We go the extra mile and fine-tune your website. We revamp websites to robust Content Management Systems that are easily crawled by search engine spiders, as well as making modifications to the content so that incorporating ‘call to’ actions and other clever marketing strategies that will guarantee HIGH conversions.
Corporate Giants that offer SEO only go so far. They will get you onto page one of Google, but at price you shouldn’t be paying, while losing that personal touch with their clients. We are a team of eight that outsources work where necessary to cut down on expenses. We immerse ourselves in your business to create an on-going relationship with our clients that favours both parties.

Honest & Strong Business Ethics

Not all websites are eligible for optimisation, so there may be cases where we turn down the work. The proposals we draw up for you are based on realistic statistics, and that is what we aim to deliver. In the unlikely event that we do not get your website onto page one of Google in the specified time highlighted in the proposal, then we will give you a full refund on the initial deposit you put down with us.
We are community-spirited people, and believe what comes around goes around. For any projects that do materialise, we give 5% of all our profits to EveryChild. EveryChild is an international development charity committed to protecting the rights of the world’s most vulnerable and marginalised children.

Corporate Rebranding

Our team of eight also consists of three Graphic Designers and one Illustrator who are on standby to deliver any aspect of corporate branding. That includes business card designs, letterheads, logo revamps and digital presentations. Let us showcase our flare for creativity for you today.


How it Works

1. Keyword Research

You fill out our online quotation form or call us on 0800 015 9825 so that we can determine what keywords are most feasible to optimise based on the relevance of the services your company offers.

The costs you pay for your digital marketing campaign are based on the popularity of your keyword vs. the strength of the competition! more –>

2. Agree On The price

If you are happy with the monthly retainer we quote you based on the initial keyword research, then we are ready to proceed with the optimisation.

An initial deposit is put down. This is 100% refundable in the unlikely event we are not able to optimise your keywords in the time frame agreed upon. more –>

3. Website Revamp

We revamp your website layout to not only maximise the amount of conversions based on an aesthetics, design, and functionality, but re-write the coding to make the website as SEO-friendly as possible!

All of our websites are designed to the highest standards. more –>

4. Reports & Feedback

Once your keywords are on page one of Google, we will monitor the progress of your website. We then give you weekly reports that identify how people are interacting with the site and how we are able to capitalise on its strengths.

The deposit you put down is taken off your first month of billing! more –>

Get a Quote Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is it that you guys offer and what is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a strategy that involves taking websites onto page one of search engines for whatever keywords or phrases they wish to rank for.

Our established set of SEO methodologies allow you the opportunity to start ranking on search engines on start-up budgets that are sensible and realistic with massive returns.

SEO is different from PPC (Pay per click) because through PPC, your website is listed on page one of search engines for free; you are only charged anytime sometimes clicks on your link. 

How do you stand out from your competition?

Before undergoing any SEO work, we revamp all websites with highest standards to ensure that you are converting as many potential customers from your website as possible.  Optimisation only goes so far; it’s inevitably the integrity of the website that converts customers, and our team goes that extra mile to see you get the most out of your campaign.

Not only that, but we are very competitively priced with results that speak for themselves.  Our portfolio demonstrates that we have the skills to optimise websites onto top rankings on search engines, and the budget required to maintain such rankings may not be as big as you think.

Do I get a full money back refund in the event you're not able to deliver?

A contract will be made upon reaching an agreement with your digital marketing SEO campaign.  We will specify the latest time period we need before we establish a page one ranking for any of the keywords we have decided to optimise.  If we do not deliver by that time, we will give you your money back.

Did I hear you say you will revamp our website for free?

Amongst our team are three talented Graphic Design Illustrators and 2 Web Developers who are able to deliver some of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional websites under the wing of our marketing experts.

We revamp websites with the intention of converting as much traffic as possible and harnessing the technologies that surround the Internet to develop some of the most comprehensive websites that you will ever see.

Our Testimonials

  • Throughout the whole process of designing my website, the level of service and attention to detail has been staggering. Initial ideas were brainstormed and Amir designed the initial draft of the web layout. From viewing my competitor’s websites, I have to say it blew them out of the water. My expectations were more than exceeded… Read full testimonial

  • Amir is one of the very few individuals you will come across in the professional industry who will truly overdeliver and continues to raise the bar in his web design and SEO consultation.
    I pride myself with extremely high standards and am an ultimate perfectionist and yet I am still taken aback with the level of expertise, design, service, innovation and cutting edge ideas… Read full testimonial

  • Optimise That LTD is the best company on the market for SEO. I have never met anyone as capable as Amir. He has gone above and beyond for me and my business. I am extremely happy with the services that he has provided for me…. Read full testimonial

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